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2016's Top  Hookah Pen

 Hookah PenVaping and Hookah Pen has become a worldwide phenomenon where smokers here and there are quickly switching from their bad habits and begining their journey of healthy "smoking."

With the countless ecig and vape brands in the market, one leading brand has stood out since its early inception in 2009. V2 Cigs is dubbed to be America's # 1 ecig brand, having claimed to have over 1 million satisfied customers not only in the US but all around the world.

What makes V2 Cigs an excellently performing ecig brand? Read more of this review to find out.

An Overview of E Cigarettes VS Vaporizer Pen

vapeThe company is based in Miami, Florida, and was established in 2009, which makes it one of the earliest players in the world of electronic cigarettes. The company has a world class facility where every detail of their products are made in a state of the art environment.

Their product offerings range from vape pens, to pre-made and custom e-liquids, to starter kits, cartridges, batteries, accessories, and disposables. Their ecigs are available in 4 different nicotine levels, ranging from 0 to 2.4%.

V2 Cigs is one of the most recognizable names in electronic cigarettes, and through the years, have evolved with the growing demands of both beginner vapers and advanced vapers with more discerning tastes.

V2 Cigs Vaporizer


V2 Cigs stands out in the sea of other brands in the market due to these advantages:

  • -Excellent vapor production, with the company claiming to offer the thickest vapor in the industry;
  • -Longest battery life;
  • -Offers their very own refills and e-liquids so you won't ever have to go anywhere else;
  • -Offers pre-made e-liquid flavors, as well as custom flavors that suit your taste;
  • -Offers an impressive warranty policy;
  • -Provides excellent customer service.

The brand places high quality and topnotch customer service as their top priorities, providing a smooth and flawless experience for customers whenever they decide to purchase any of the company's wide range of products.

Like most brands, V2 Cigs, however, has a few minor drawbacks. Among its cons include:

  • -Products can only be purchased from their official website. Individuals who prefer online retail platforms that give them rewards or other benefits won't be able to buy the products from such sites.
  • -E-liquid flavors are limited.
  • -Some individuals, especially those who have been vaping for many years, may find V2 Cigs' products too simple – the company does not have the bells and whistles of most innovative brands today.

Despite these cons, V2 Cigs remains to be the leading brand when it comes to hassle-free, simple, and easy to use products that last longer than many other brands in the market.

Benefits of Hookah Pen


The brand, just like other hookahs brands, are gentle on the environment because they leave very little or no waste at all. Compared to actual tobacco cigarettes, there are no residue from ecigs because you can reuse them by changing cartridges. The liquids are also vaporized into the air, which create the "smoke" that users get to exhale from the ecigs.

You will also be able to use the hookahs wherever you may be as they have no second-hand smoke, nor do they emit a strong tobacco flavor. You can choose to have a wide range of flavors that range from vanilla, to cherry, to chocolate and classic menthol, but they don't have the awful smell of actual tobaccos that stick to clothes, furniture, or the skin.

Using V2 Cigs will also allow you to give in to your nicotine fixes. Most often, people smoke tobacco cigarettes due to their nicotine addiction. With V2 Cigs, you can choose from 4 different nicotine levels, so you can still get your nicotine fix but without the harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes.


Does hookah pen have warranty?

The brand offers a lifetime warranty on all electronic components, as well as up to 5 product replacements for a defective ecig. The warranty is offered only to original purchasers of their products from their official website, and does not apply to customers who purchased the ecigs from other sources.

The warranty does not apply to e-liquids, disposable products, apparel, and that of flavor cartridges. It also does not apply when the owner uses unapproved accessories, chargers, or batteries with the unit/s. It also does not apply when modifications or alterations have been done on the product, as well as ecigs that have been repaired or serviced by another party.

Hookah Pen Starter Kits

The brand offers 5 different starter kits plus their new line of products called the EX Series, which pretty much consists of their standard kits but with the application of more advanced technology that make the ecigs richer in vapor production, as well as batteries that last longer.

Here are the Our Hookah Pen starter kits:

visitThe ultimate vaping machine, the power e-cig provides absolutely thick vapor. It has a 7.2 foot stretch cord that can be plugged into a standard USB port. Simply plug it in and vape away. It also comes with diffrent classic flavor cartridges.

User Testimonials


Customers highly recommend the use of V2 Cigs, with some reviewers saying no other brand comes close to V2 Cigs. Customers also consider it as having the best customer support; dubbing it as the simplest cartridge to use in the market; not having a flavor they didn't like; and one client having thrown all of his other vapes away due to V2 Cigs being able to satisfy each one of his vaping needs.

Where to Get V2 Cigs


V2 Cigs' products are available at their official website, where they have a comprehensive and hassle-free ecommerce feature. Simply click on the product categories, click on a product, and add to your cart to go ahead with the payment and shipping procedures.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don't like any of their products, you can simply return them and get your full money back. They also offer free domestic shipping for orders of $50 and more.

With discounts, promotions, and high quality products offered at affordable price points, V2 Cigs has set the standards for a leading ecig company that truly satisfies.